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The Your First Fifteen Pages approach to writing is for beginning writers AND for those who have a pile of "thanks but no thanks" rejection letters sitting in their inbox. 


It is for the novice writer with an inkling of a book idea AND for those hearing crickets from all the queries they’ve sent out. 


It is for those who dream of being on a bestseller list or winning a major book award, AND for those who want to write the best book possible and see where it takes them.  

Are you tired of going it alone?  

Are you ready to take the outstretched hand?

Scroll on to learn about all the ways we can help you make your book dreams come true.

Have you ever wondered what causes literary agents and editors to pass on a manuscript? Have you wondered why readers aren't snapping up your book on Amazon?  You put your heart and soul into creating a book, but no one seems to want to read it.  Why? That is the question we are asked most whenever we talk with writers. Why did you pass on my book? 


To discover and avoid the top reasons agents, editors, and most importantly readers pass on your story, click the link below. We'll send you the exact email we send out in response to queries. The email details what happens during the querying process and explains the reasons we pass on submissions. Why do we give this away?  Because we believe sharing the process, the reasons we (and most agents) pass on a query will make you better writers and help get your book into the hands of more readers!

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We believe the best writing comes from collaboration rather than isolation.   And, we've found writers who are surrounded by a supportive tribe are happier, more productive, and less willing to desert a promising story because they don't spend their time talking to walls, or their cat, or dog (if they are a dog person).

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Your First Fifteen Pages kickstarts your writing journey or the reboot you need to move your manuscript forward. 

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On the podcast, Sandra and Judd unlock the mystery of what it takes to capture and hold the interest of agents, editors, and ultimately readers. We show you how to perfect your first fifteen pages and use them as the foundation for the rest of your story.  We help struggling writers fix the problems in their story and move their writing forward. 

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We've partnered with Patreon to make it easy to get the help you need for your book.  Jump over to Patreon to access extended show notes, join our private Facebook group, get monthly coaching calls with Sandra and Judd, or have a private consultation with Sandra.  We want to help you grow your book!


Whether you are just starting or have been writing for some time, we have classes that will guide you down the path of publishing success.

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One of the free resources available to writers here at Your First Fifteen Pages is our blog. Start with the blog below on Why 15 Pages? and explore all the other advice we've given on the blog.


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Sandra O’Donnell is a founding partner of O'Donnell Literary. She's been involved in the business of books for over twenty years.


Sandra studied writing at the graduate level at the University of Utah while working on her master’s. While there, she taught writing in the Writing Program and learned as much from teaching as she did from her classes.  After her Master’s Sandra went on to ghostwrite, edit and co-author books for the academic market.  She also earned her Ph.D. in History from Arizona State. 


In 1996, she and a partner formed Snowgoose Cove a boutique publishing company.  As a publisher, Sandra learned what it takes to make a title successful by guiding authors through the editing, launch, and marketing of their books.  For Food Talk: A Man’s Guide to Cooking and Conversation Sandra and her team arranged a 12 state book/PR tour, selling out of the first edition of the book within six months.


Sandra is also a seasoned book coach, working with authors to take them from draft to polished manuscript.  Before becoming an agent, many of the authors she’s worked with went on to find excellent agents, editors, and publishers.  However, many projects languished once they have left her charge. Frustrated authors asked her time and again why Sandra couldn’t guide them through the next stage with the love and care she’d used shown during the development phase of their books. Becoming an agent was the next logic step. 

Knowing she couldn't work with everyone, she wrote Your First Fifteen Pages: An agent's guide to writing a book editors will publish, and readers will buy.  The book, podcast and all the resources provided on the website and the Your First Fifteen Pages Patreon page provide writers with the knowledge and experience Sandra has developed over the past 20 years.  

Sandra O'Donnell, PH.D.

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