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Cover of Your First Fifteen Pages by Sandra ODonnell

Why this book?

As a literary agent, I’ve read thousands of queries and thousands of beginning pages.  I’ve learned what makes a submission story sing, sending me back to the author’s query to find an email so I can ask for more.  And, I’ve learned what causes me, more often than not, to push Send on a “passed with love” email. 


I loathe having to send those “thanks but no thanks” responses to a writer’s work. I don’t know any agent who looks forward to the opportunity to gleefully kill the dreams of someone who has spent years toiling away on a book.


Being an agent requires having an endless fountain of hope.  Every day, I open queries just knowing that today will be the day I discover the next Liane Moriarty, JK Rowling, or Erik Larson.  Every time we open a query, we do it with renewed faith that this query just might be the one. 


Sadly, in the last two years, our agency has requested fewer than 50 full manuscripts from all the submissions we’ve read.  Fewer than 50!  Why?  Because by page fifteen of most submissions, the hope and excitement we had on page one are dashed. 


I wrote this book because I want to help you get past the slush pile and open the door for the big asks every writer dreams of – a request for a full manuscript read, an offer of representation and ultimately a book contract.  While I can’t guarantee your book will be signed or become a best seller, I can give you a solid foundation for the story you dream of telling, which will put you far ahead of those competing for the attention of agents and editors.

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