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If you can't work with us in person, at a retreat or workshop, we offer two types of consultations for writers who need help with their story.   

First 15 Analysis

Send us your first fifteen pages.  We'll analyze your story using our First Fifteen Page guidelines and worksheets.
First 15 analysis
and written report:
First 15 analysis and 60-minute phone consultation:
The First 15 analysis offers a comprehensive review of the first fifteen pages of your story.  We look for the inciting incident to determine if there is a clear why for your story and if you're bringing your reader into the story in the right place.  
We look for the characters introduced in the first fifteen pages, analyze character development, and see if you've invited too few or too many people to the party.
We map the complications, dilemmas, and decisions and indecisions of the first fifteen pages of your manuscript, to determine how the story is moving forward and provide you with a map of your first 15 pages.
We analyze setting and suggest ways to make the setting and timeframe more clear if needed.  
And, we offer ways to add delicious details to make your story more enticing to readers.  
We email your analysis along with a copy of your first fifteen pages, with our story notes.  
If you'd like to take the consultation a step further, choose the text analysis with phone consultation options and Sandra or Laura will be happy to walk through the analysis with you.

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