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Finishing a book is a MAJOR accomplishment!  We are doing a happy dance for you. While finishing is a big step, we want to help you get your book is ready for agents, publishers, and readers.
Let's get started on the next leg of your publishing journey!
If you have been querying agents and aren't getting much interest in your manuscript, Your First Fifteen Pages gives you proven and actionable way to address the issues with your novel that keep agents and editors from asking for more. And if you self-published your novel, it gives you the opportunity to hone and tweak your story so that readers will move beyond the Look Inside pages and buy your book!
In Your First Fifteen Pages Sandra addresses the most common reasons agents pass on submission and readers stop reading. Often, the reason lies in those crucial first fifteen pages.  You'll learn how to find the why of your story, determine if you started in the right place, if you are telling your story from the right point of view. and much more. Once you've mastered those crucial first fifteen pages, you'll be able to find the gaps in the remainder of your manuscript. Writing alone is tough, Your First Fifteen Pages is like having a book coach at your side for those final passes of your novel.  It will help make your story agent worthy and turn readers into fans.
First 15 Analysis
Do you need fresh eyes on your story? The First 15 offers an analysis of your story from an agent's perspective.  We looks for the inciting incident to determine if there is a clear why for your story. And, we make sure you're bringing the reader into the story in the right place. We analyze character, setting, and the complications, dilemmas, and decisions and indecisions of the first fifteen pages to determine how the story moves forward and provide you with a map of your first 15 pages.  
We've found that many of the problems with a manuscript occur in the first fifteen pages. Once we help writers with the opening pages, they can easily go on to address the gaps in the rest of the story.   We make it easy for you to get the help you need. We've set up a Best Seller Plus Tier on our Patreon page for writers who want help with their manuscript.  If your interested, check out our Patreon information page for more details.
Be sure to check our Resources page for books we love, tools we recommend, free Airtable templates that will help you outline your book and keep the action moving, articles and much more.  We add to the Resources page every week so keep coming back to make sure you aren't missing out on these valuable writing tools, tips, and tricks.  To be sure you are staying current with all of our offerings, Subscribe our mailing list.  You will get the first two chapters and a bonus chapter of Your First Fifteen Pages when you subscribe.
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