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The Your First Fifteen Pages podcast is for writers — new writers, those who have embarked on the writing journey without much to guide them other than a laptop and their imaginations, AND writers who’ve been at it for a while who, like our cohost Judd, have written a few books but aren’t seeing the success they hoped to have when they wrote their first book. This podcast is designed to give you the tools, the knowledge, and the support to take your writing to the next level. We'll also have interviews with some of our favorite authors, and we will break down member submissions and offer you advice on your manuscripts.  We want to be your writing coaches help you grow your writing.


We can’t promise you a bestseller, but we guarantee you’ll learn what it takes to write a best seller. The rest, the seat in chair, imagination, and determination are up to you! 


Judd's writing journey began with a dystopian trilogy, that didn't take Amazon by storm, but did garner a small following.  After his first three books, Judd was more determined to write a bestseller, but after years of writing alone, he knew he needed help.  He attended Sandra's Your First Fifteen Pages workshop and realized how much he didn't know and how far he needed to go to make his dream a reality. Sandra and Judd have been working together for almost a year.  In that time, he completed the first draft of his new novel Powder House and is currently on his fourth round of edits.  It is the best thing he's ever written.  What made the difference? Your First Fifteen Pages. In the podcast, Judd shares his writing experience and how his writing has changed since discovering Your First Fifteen Pages and through his work with Sandra.

Judd Vowell
Sandra O'Donnell 

As a book coach and literary agent, Sandra has read thousands of queries and beginning pages. She knows what makes a submission sing, and she knows what causes her, more often than not, to push Send on the "pass with love" email she loathes having to send. No agent looks forward to killing the dreams of a writer who has spent years toiling away on a book. And, there is no reason they should have to, if the writer has written a compelling book that includes all the elements of a good story. In the podcast Sandra shares what it takes to go from a good story to a great story and from being a unsigned writer to an author with an agent and a book contract.

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