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We've teamed up with Patreon to create ways to interact with writers. Why Patreon? Patreon allows us to develop different ways to partner with writers, based on their needs. We provide a lot of free content on our blog and through the Podcast. Developing the show notes, charts, podcasts, and other material we provide take a lot of our time.  We love helping writers but we need to offset the time and cost and we spend on content development and Patreon offers the perfect marriage between free content and patron supported content.  The blog and the podcast will always be free but if you want need more help with your book, see the options listed below.  

Tier 1 - First Draft

$5.00 a month

Enjoying the Your First Fifteen Pages podcast? The First Draft tier is the perfect compliment. Joining Tier 1 unlocks the detailed show notes for each episode of the podcast. Show notes include links to articles, interviews, and the books we discuss each week. And any worksheets or charts we talk about that are used in the Your First Fifteen Pages workshops. Each set of show notes offers a recap of the important points covered in that week's episode 
so, you can listen without worrying about 
writing everything down. We make sure you don't miss a thing! Sign up on Patreon.

Tier 2 - manuscript

$15.00 a month for the first 25 members. 20.00 a month for the next 25 members and then 25.00 a month for any one who becomes a member after the inaugural 50 members.

All the benefits of tier 1 and access to the Your First Fifteen Pages Facebook group monitored by Sandra and Judd.  Don't have a writing group?  Now you do!  Membership in the group gives you access to other writers who you can share your work with, bounce ideas off of, and turn to for support.  And we'll be popping in from time-to-time to answer your questions and offer advice. And we'll be sharing news about the industry, articles, and other resources we think will help your writing and your writing career.  The YFFP Facebook group page is already full of helpful information, interesting articles, questions to guide your writing and much more!  We hope you'll join us! Sign up on Patreon.


Tier 3 - Best Seller

$30.00 a month for the first 10 members. 35.00 a month for the next 10 members and then 45.00 a month for any one who joins after the inaugural 20 members. This group will be capped at 30 members. We will create a waiting list when the group is full.  

All the benefits of tiers 1 and 2 AND a monthly coaching call with Sandra and Judd and the other Best Seller tier members. Members will send their questions and pages in, in advance and Sandra and Judd will offer advice and feedback on your pages and answer your questions about writing, publishing, getting an agent and anything else to do with the writing or the publishing industry.  We'll share our knowledge and expertise with you each month and give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and hear what other members are asking and learn from the responses they receiveSign up on Patreon.

Tier 4 - Craft

$60.00 a month. This group will be capped at 30 members. We will create a waiting list when the group is full.  

Sandra and Judd will guide the members of this tier through a reading for craft monthly workshop. Each month, we will focus on a different book, in a different genre and discuss the elements that make the book a success. Each month you'll receive Kick-off notes explaining why we choose a particular book and what the focus will be that month. Mid-month members will join Sandra and Judd on a coaching call to discuss the book.  And, after the call, you'll receive a recap of the important elements in the book and ways you can use those elements in your own writing.  This is a course on craft intended to grow your knowledge of how the elements of story work and help you to start recognizing the elements and why they work you read. We guarantee the workshop will be fun and very helpful in your writing. Sign up on Patreon.

Tier 5 -Award winner

$375 a month -- limited to 10 Members

Are you struggling with your first fifteen pages?  Not sure what your inciting incident is?  Confused about the point of view of your story?  Send us your first fifteen pages, and we'll read your pages and offer you a detailed analysis.  

Have a manuscript you've been shopping to agents or a self-published book that isn't doing as well as you hoped on Amazon, send us 15 pages each month, and we'll be happy to work with you to identify the gaps in your story.  We'll help you map out the strengths and weaknesses of your story and help you create a manuscript agents and readers will love.

If you've ever wanted a writing coach, you've found one.  Only ten spaces are available in the monthly coaching program.  If this tier is right for you, claim your spot today! Sign up on Patreon.

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